While sitting out in the backyard on Memorial Day, I noticed a deer out in the pond.  I snuck into the house and grabbed the field glasses.  She had a fawn with her...

It prob'ly wasn't absolutely newborn, but it was less than a couple days old.  The first one we've seen this year.

Well, I should be working on our taxes, but I'm doing this instead...

It's an animation of the snow in Wisconsin so far this winter.  I start it at twenty-three seconds because October was pretty boring, snow-wise.

SNOW -- 2012.02.29

Ten inches of snow
divided by approximately ten inches of snow per inch of water
divided by twelve inches per foot
times 43560 feet per acre
times .61 acres in the main yard and the driveway/garage area
times 62.4 pounds of water per cubic foot
divided by two thousand pounds per ton
equals about 69 tons of snow added to our yard yesterday.

And, that doesn't account for compaction.

The path from the driveway gate (pictured above) to the kennel building door is a bit over two hundred feet.  If I shovel that path four feet wide, I'll have moved about two-and-a-half tons of snow.  Call it three for widening out at the gates and the main path betwixt the driveway and the backdoor of the house.