Yeah!  We got snow!

We woke up to about 6-8 inches.  We were going to go to first Service at Church this morning, but decided to let the trucks plow the roads and go to second.

I took a handful of pictures today, including pickles, sunflowers, and deer in the pond.  Click <HERE> to see them.

Took some more spring pictures around the yard.

We had a Goldfinch trying to get in the window the other day. It was up on the Hummingbird feeder a couple times, then flying up to the window a couple times. Then it landed on the frame...

The apples are blossoming up here...

And the lilacs are starting to open...


That bush is George. We planted him and Henrietta a few years ago. Henrietta is to the left of George and will be purple. She hasn't started to bloom, yet.