Let's see... The First Plague was Snow. The Second Plague was Baby Chickens. We haven't finished the Third Plague, Dog Hair, yet, and already we've started the Fourth Plague, Snakes...

There were actually four snakes out on the rocks sunning themselves.

I found this poor little hummingbird dead in the kennel yard...

I tried to get a picture of his throat, but it didn't work too well.  The feathers really aren't colored red, they diffract the light like a prism.

As an aside, I'll point out one of the features of Joomla... Any post can be displayed as a "featured" post on the front page, and also displayed on its category pages at the same time. As I add new posts, I delete the featured status from the older posts, and they drop off the front page, but stay on their category page.  That's why this post and the two following have the same date.

Yesterday was our one-thousandth day of marriage.

To celebrate, we slaughtered thirty-four chickens.  Actually, I slaughtered thirty-four chickens...  Everybody else cleaned them after that.  We were done in a couple hours.

In other news, our internet is down, so don't expect an email anytime soon.

We actually have a pond this year, and there's a family of mergansers in it. Momma has about a dozen babies. Half were swimming around with her... merganser_family

And half were snoozing on a downed tree... baby_mergansers

We picked twenty-five-and-a-half pounds of strawberries out at Saxon Harbor Berry Farms yesterday and made jam... 

I think I have enough to last me until next summer...  As long as I can keep it away from Brandon.