The MECCA Cross-Country Ski Club, the local ski club which Kelly and I are both members of, held the first day of the Turtle River Pursuit last weekend.  It was bitter cold; maybe just above freezing at the start of the race at 11am.

We had both worked the previous ski races that had been held here; the original Stormy Kromer Pursuit, and then the Iron County Pursuit when Stormy Kromer left us.  So, we were pressed into labor for the day.

We both were on the Crossing Guard Crew.  The race route crossed the snowmobile trail four times.  We had a few people at each crossing to stop the sleds when a skier was coming.  Here is a picture with the Medic Crew just before the start of the race...

I am on the far left.  My volunteer hat was defective...  The pom-pom fell off the day before.

I was at the first crossing the skiers would make.  Kelly was at the last, but it was only a short walk down the snowmobile trail betwixt us.  When the last skier passed my crossing, I walked down and spent the rest of the race at Kelly's.  The skiers had to go about four-and-a-half miles through the woods to get from the first crossing to the last, so I teased some of our friends who were skiing the race...  "What took you so long?  I've been here almost an hour!"

The photographer was there and took more pictures of us, but he apparently didn't post them.