We were in our second parade of the year!  The Town of Mercer has been holding a Candy Cane Parade for the last five years.  The MECCA ski club has been entering a float in the parade for at least the last three.  Kelly and I rode on the float, toasting marshmallows over a fake campfire...

Luckily, we had the fire to add more wind in our faces, because the temperature was in the low single-digits...

When we were lining up, we joked that there wouldn't be anybody out to watch the parade.  There were a few, but there might have been as many people in the parade as there were watching.  Some people were sitting in their cars to watch.

There were about twenty-ish other floats, including the two fire trucks, the snowmobile trail groomer, and some of the local businesses.  We won for best Non-Profit Organization, again.

After the parade, everybody went to the Community Center for cookies and cocoa.  Santa was there for the kids, and there was a table of raffle prizes for them.  Not a whole lot to do otherwise than just warm up.