2016.10.09 -- BEEN BUSY

Fall is here.  The peak color was a week-or-so ago, and the wind has been tearing the leaves down.  We had a light frost this morning...  First one of the season and almost record-late.

We released a total of sixty-three Monarch butterflies this year.  Thirty-five females and twenty-eight males.

I've been feeding the bees, fattening them up for winter.  Did you know you can buy a twenty-five pound bag of sugar for $12?

Had the best crop of apples ever this year...

So, I've been making apple sauce, apple crisps, and apple loafs.  If you are what you eat, I will soon be a honey covered apple.

And the most egg-citing news... Kelly found an egg in the new-chicken pen this morning!

Looks like the old hens will have some competition soon.  We have a dozen Red Stars that are sixteen months old, and thirteen Black Stars that are four months old.  We will hit 3,100 for the year so far today.  Don't worry, we never have any trouble finding homes for our eggs.