2015.04.09 -- UGH


I had all four wisdom teeth extracted today.  Oh, what fun.  Not!  The worst thing any doctor has ever done to me.  I'm using the Ace bandage to hold the ice packs against my jaw.

I got eight shots of local anesthetic.  Numbed up my mouth so much I had trouble swallowing.  Two hours later and it's just about worn off.  It also made my lip itch, but I was afraid to scratch it for fear of ripping the skin.

The doctor vaguely described what he was doing as he was doing it.  "You'll feel a lot of pressure," was code for "I have to push REALLY hard to push your gums out of the way and expose your jawbone."  "Some vibration," was code for "I'm using the drill to cut away at your jawbone to free the tooth."  And, "You'll hear a clicking sound," was code for "I'm breaking your tooth."  "More pressure," as he held my jaw down and pried the pieces of tooth out.  I think he put a foot on my forehead at one point for better leverage.  Thank God they don't grow back.

Before the operation, the doctor showed me the X-ray and explained what he was going to do.  He told me one a scale of one-to-ten, my operation would be a three.  I can't imagine what would be worse.

I had called Tuesday to make an appointment, thinking it wouldn't be for quite a while since we don't have many oral surgeons in the area.  "I have an opening on Thursday?"  Great.