2015.01.16 -- NEW BOILER

You can thank us for the drop in gas prices.  We hit $1.999 in Mercer yesterday.  We put in a natural gas boiler to replace the old one that burnt fuel oil, so the oil companies drop the price of gas to entice more driving.  Last winter, the coldest on record in Wisconsin, we had to get the oil tank filled twice at about $1000 each.  We just got our first gas bill yesterday...  $101.  And that counts heating the domestic water, too.

Here is a picture of the boiler and water heater...boiler

Of course, there are a couple things the installer didn't tell us about...  The old water heater sat right under the bathroom/kitchen.  The new one is fifteen feet farther away, so it takes about two quarts of water to get the hot to the faucet in the morning.  (We catch it for the dogs or chickens.)  And, the basement is a lot colder since the new boiler doesn't waste a drop of heat.  The exhaust out of the old boiler was about 500°.  It needed enough lift to get up the chimney.  The new boiler vents directly out the wall, so the exhaust is only about 90°.