I killed another hosting company.  This one was called Hosted Simply.  I find a low-cost hosting company and contract a VPS to host my websites.  They usually last a year, maybe two, then they fold, and I have to find a new company.

I splurged and went with Linode this time.  They're a seventeen-year-old, hundred-million-dollar company.  I hope they last at least three years before I kill them.

2013.04.21 -- NEW WEB HOSTING

In early May 2011, I signed up with JustHost for $129 for two years of service.  That contract is just about up.  I went to renew, and the price was $192 for another two years.  I wrote to ask if we could deal on the price, since they were offering to sign up new accounts for $3 per month.  No dice.  Like most any company nowadays...  They seem to be more interested in getting new customers than they are in keeping the ones they already have.

Well, JustHost isn't the only web hosting company out there.  When I had been looking two years ago, they were near the top of the lists.  So were other companies.  This weekend, I signed up with iPage for $103 for three years.  JustHost wanted $252 for the same length.

Of course, I have to move my websites to the new host.  I use Joomla!.  Akeeba produces a backup module for Joomla.  I made a backup of the websites on JustHost and am in the process of restoring them on iPage.  The first one took a while...  A couple config files were changed during the restore/re-installation.  I just had to ferret them out and make a few changes to get the site to work.  The other two sites should be easy now that I know what to look for.  Luckily, I won't have to do this again for three years.

2011.12.23 -- WHAT'S IN A NAME?

The Greek word 'borborygmus' ("bor-bo-ryg-mus") is onomatopoeic for, as Pooh says, "a rumbly in my tumbly"...  Rumbling and gurgling noises in the abdomen.  Both borborygmus and borborygmi were already taken as URLs, so I added the suffix '-osity'.

It's also fun to see the look on somebody's face when I say, "borborygmosity dot org".

2011.05.21 -- SITE UPDATE

The site is coming along well.  Of course, I'm concurrently working on two others, so my time on any one is hap-hazard.  I pretty much have the main parts of the template done, but there's still a bunch of futzing to do to get it to look like I want.

I have a hosting account with JustHost.  Price and service are good, though there are a few things missing I could have had with other hosts for a similar price...  Shell access / SSH being the big one.  I didn't look through the details page closely enough to see that it wasn't standard.  I am allowed to host multiple sites on my one account.  I currently have this one and one for the Ironwood Aikido Club.  I'm be moving over the MECCA Ski Club site when I get a template made.

I am running the sites on Joomla! 1.6.  (Yes, the name officially has the exclamation point in it.)  Joomla! is a Content Management System, which means it is a system that manages content.  Capisce?

Imagine the website as a restaurant...  The customer (user) comes in, sits down, and looks through the menu.  After making a choice, the waitress (web-browser) goes back to the kitchen (web-server) and places the order.  The kitchen staff (Joomla!) prepares the order by gathering together the ingredients (content) and preparing them in a certain style (template).  Once prepared, the kitchen passes the order back to the waitress, and she delivers it to the customer.  By having content and style separate, one can be changed without having to change the other.  When I write a new article, I'm just typing in the text.  The template takes care of all the styling.  And, I could switch out the template to make the site look completely different, but still have all the same content.  In the restaurant analogy, I could have three differently themed dining rooms all being served the same meals by a single kitchen.  Then, I could switch the menu and start serving new items without changing any of the dining rooms.

2011.05.08 -- NEW WEBSITE

I'm currently moving the website to a new host.  I'll be settling in and re-posting info when I get the chance.