I'm pretty sure I remembered to put pancakes on my plate before I covered it in strawberries...

Those are home-grown out of our garden.  They weren't as big as peaches as they were advertised, but they definitely were up to a few inches across.  And yummy.

We left the house early Friday to make it up to Saxon Harbor Berry Farm by 8am.  We were ten minutes early.  There were already people picking!  We did make it to the field before they started turning people away.  The plants were small this year, so they didn't produce bushels full of great-big berries.  We did manage to fill three flats; 24 pounds of berries.  I've already cleaned two boxes, so this is about 16 pounds...

If you go to the Farm's Facebook page, they have a picture of people out in the field.  Just to the right of center is a person in a light shirt and hat standing up.  Just above their head are two people in blue bent over.  That's Kelly and me.  We were done in an hour.  I took the berries to work with me and put them in my office to keep them from cooking in the back of my truck all day.  They made a wonderful air freshener.

I'm working on jam today.  If you bring over a bag of sugar, you'll prob'ly get one of the first jars.