Uh-oh...  He has the canner out and up to pressure...

I wonder what's in there.

I dug up my three buckets of potatoes today...

That's about ten pounds of reds.

The gardens are growing by leaps and bounds, so I thought I'd take you on a tour today.  Either click <HERE> or the article title above to get to more pictures.

I'm pretty sure I remembered to put pancakes on my plate before I covered it in strawberries...

Those are home-grown out of our garden.  They weren't as big as peaches as they were advertised, but they definitely were up to a few inches across.  And yummy.

We left the house early Friday to make it up to Saxon Harbor Berry Farm by 8am.  We were ten minutes early.  There were already people picking!  We did make it to the field before they started turning people away.  The plants were small this year, so they didn't produce bushels full of great-big berries.  We did manage to fill three flats; 24 pounds of berries.  I've already cleaned two boxes, so this is about 16 pounds...

If you go to the Farm's Facebook page, they have a picture of people out in the field.  Just to the right of center is a person in a light shirt and hat standing up.  Just above their head are two people in blue bent over.  That's Kelly and me.  We were done in an hour.  I took the berries to work with me and put them in my office to keep them from cooking in the back of my truck all day.  They made a wonderful air freshener.

I'm working on jam today.  If you bring over a bag of sugar, you'll prob'ly get one of the first jars.

My garlic is growing...

That's about half the patch.  I planted it last fall and covered it with straw and leaves to protect it through the winter.  That means it starts growing as soon as it warms up and has a longer season than if I planted it now.  It looks yellow because I just removed the straw and leaves.

I potted-up twenty-four of the best tomato seedlings into three-inch peat pots yesterday morning...

The picture is from right after moving them yesterday, so they still look a little beat-up.

Here is their view out the little-bedroom window...

I didn't want the tomatoes to knock Abe off the top-spot yesterday, so I had the website hold this post until midnight.

The tomatoes are growing their first true leaves...

And the peppers are sprouting...

Some of the tomato cells had two-or-three seedlings in them, so I clipped the extras out.  You can see some of the stubs.  The tomatoes are pretty much touching the florescent lights I have over them.  I'll keep the light right down on top of them and they should thicken up without growing too much taller.

The tomatoes are sprouting!

Those two columns are the Mighty Sweets.  They're fast-producing small-tomatoes, so they should be the first to sprout.  There are a couple Super Sauce sprouting to the right.  No peppers to the left, yet.  Hopefully, they'll be up by the end of the week.  There are 72 cells in the tray, so I should have more than enough plants.  I only have a dozen buckets...  I'll prob'ly give most of them away.

I put my tomato and pepper seeds in the starter tray a couple days ago....

They should be poking up out of the soil by this time next week.  I'll take another picture then.  I have two types of tomatoes...  Super Sauce, which is s'posed to grow HUGE tomatoes, and Mighty Sweets which grow early, two-ouncers.  I also have two peppers, one sweet and one hot.