Took pictures of my pepper and tomato seedlings this morning.  The peppers are two (three?) weeks old...

I planted two types; bell peppers and jalapenos.  (I just bought seeds at the feed store when getting dog food last month, so I didn't get any special varieties this year.)  I forgot to mark in which half I planted which peppers.  Of course, one side is doing way better than the other.

Some of the peppers look a little crispy because they grow up into the light bulb I have above them.  I can't raise it too far because the tomatoes are only a week old...

Don't worry, they'll pass the peppers by the end of the month.

Note to self:  Plant all the seeds in the pack next year.  Wayne Gretzky once said, "You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take."  I planted one-or-two seeds in each pepper cell thinking I would transplant any seconds into open cells.  (Which I have.)  Turns out one of the two types didn't sprout well enough to do that.  Looking at the peppers, I decided to plant the whole pack of tomato seeds and ended up with four-or-five seeds per cell.  In the picture above, I've already done one round of thinning and have reduced each cell down to the two best seedlings.  I'll thin down to one each next week.  It would have been better to do the same with the peppers.  I keep the best six of each for my buckets and give away any extras.  It's now too late to start the seeds left in the packs.