I found a woman on Craigslist selling chicks.  I drove over yesterday after work to pick up a dozen hybrid Reds to replace our older hens...

She had all kinds of birds running around the yard... Turkeys, several different ducks, pheasant, and geese...

So, I also got a pair of Guinea fowl.  (I forgot to take a picture when we put them in the coop last night.)  I put them in with the hens figuring they would be able to hold their own if they were in a yard with geese.

I didn't figure that they would escape.  Kelly let the chickens out into the runs this morning as always, and the Guineas went out with them.  They then found some way to get out.

When Kelly went out to close the chickens up, the Guineas weren't in the coop.  She went outside thinking they were still out in the runs, but they weren't.  She found one roosted up in a tree.

When I got home, we went out and knocked that one out of the tree, then wrangled it back into the coop.  I spent some time looking for the second.  I thought I heard it a couple times, but didn't see it.

We have a Freeze Warning tonight.  Temps could get down into the mid 20s.  Good luck to you, dumb bird.  You better roost up in the balsam trees.