In early May 2011, I signed up with JustHost for $129 for two years of service.  That contract is just about up.  I went to renew, and the price was $192 for another two years.  I wrote to ask if we could deal on the price, since they were offering to sign up new accounts for $3 per month.  No dice.  Like most any company nowadays...  They seem to be more interested in getting new customers than they are in keeping the ones they already have.

Well, JustHost isn't the only web hosting company out there.  When I had been looking two years ago, they were near the top of the lists.  So were other companies.  This weekend, I signed up with iPage for $103 for three years.  JustHost wanted $252 for the same length.

Of course, I have to move my websites to the new host.  I use Joomla!.  Akeeba produces a backup module for Joomla.  I made a backup of the websites on JustHost and am in the process of restoring them on iPage.  The first one took a while...  A couple config files were changed during the restore/re-installation.  I just had to ferret them out and make a few changes to get the site to work.  The other two sites should be easy now that I know what to look for.  Luckily, I won't have to do this again for three years.